4th Light Armored Recon Battalion - Camp Pendleton




The 4th LAR Marines provides coverage for Marine services at RNC in May of each year. Their performance, dedication and team work during their assignments this May was recognized by RNC, MHD, and Semper Fi #1.  As a result, President Sgt. McClain and the Semper Fi #1 Board approved a Plaque to be given to the 4th LAR team.  On Tuesday, July 18th at 1300, President Sgt. McClain, MGySgt. Merrell, GySgt. Kidby and Sgt. Darnall reported to 4th LAR Headquarters at Los Flores Area 41 to present the Plaque.  1stSgt. Borbor gathered the troops up on the Battalion ramp and briefed the Marines on the importance of providing “Military Honors” and teaming with RNC MHD.  MGySgt. Merrell then addressed the troops thanking them for their support and teamwork.  Sgt. McClain provided a brief history of Semper Fi #1 then presented the Plaque to 1stSgt. Borbor.  Mission completed at approximately 1345.

“Marine Corps Credo:

To catch us, you have to be fast. To find us, you have to be smart.

To beat us, you have to be kidding.”